Trung tâm thương mại

commercial landscape turf

CCGrass is one of trusted synthetic grass manufacturer that provides a wide range of artificial grass for commercial use. These areas include working offices, display shops, swimming pools and restaurants.  With CCGrass, whenever you are working, shopping, swimming or dining, you can enjoy a visually and physically relaxing experience. For larger Municipal projects and applications, CCGrass artificial grass commercial is perfect especially for the areas where water is in shortage or it’s difficult to water to save you huge budget and maintenance labors, meanwhile creating an ever-lasting green surrounding for residents.

CCGrass offers artificial grass commercial wholesale products; because we know you’ll need to cover a lot of area. Our grass is scientifically engineered to have a long quality of life protected from UV sun rays. This will keep your space looking fresh and clean for your customers for nearly 10 years.


  • Creating modern working environment
  • Easy installation
  • Provide more relaxing opportunities
  • Saving maintenance budget
  • Up to 10 years service life


  • Hotel, Restaurant and cafe surroundings
  • Business building
  • Industrial zone
  • Shopping mall
  • Swimming pool
  • Commercial events
  • Outside and inside office
  • Road sides or road median
  • Parks